by Linda Meyerholz, MS, LMHC

This book is for anyone who . . .

. . . is stuck in a painful relationship
. . . has been harmed by addiction in any way
. . . feels lost in modern society
. . . has a problem identifying what they're feeling
. . . has trouble making decisions.

What if our dreams had never been squashed? What if our imaginings had never been ridiculed and we had followed them to full completion?  What if we had always obeyed that voice within that told us, "Don't go there, don't do that?" Could life actually become richer, simpler, more easily experienced if we simply learned to listen to every emotion, every ripple of feeling that goes through our bodies?  The answer is YES.  Emphatically yes! Life changes dramatically as we connect fully to our five spirit senses.

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