by Linda Meyerholz, MS, LMHC


I believe the United States of America is the best place to live on the face of the earth!

This book is not an attack on our form of government or on the American dream.  It is an explanation of why our society has become so troubled and divided and why we are so hated as a people in so much of the rest of the world.  It is only because of the freedoms we enjoy that Americans can pursue recovery from dysfunctional behaviors including and especially addictions.

Human beings are constantly searching for a reason for being, a deeper sense of being, and a feeling of being connected to the Creative Force of the Universe.  They hope that when they make that connection, they will have a clear understanding of how life works, and what they are capable of --i.e., what they can do that will bring them to their highest good and the greatest good for the world.  We're drowning in information on how to live healthy, happy, satisfying lives.  Despite this, huge numbers of people are floundering in addictions, painful and unsatisfying relationships, jobs they hate, and behaviors that harm and often destroy people they interact with.  Unhappy people raise unhappy children.  The number of troubled people in America indicates there have been huge numbers of people in generation after generation of Americans who were miserable and inflicted their misery on their offspring.  Here in America, we constantly see real violence, outrageous sexuality, unprecedented levels of addiction and crime on the news, in newspapers, magazines, on the internet, and in neighborhood or workplace gossip.  And then, gluttons that we are, we pay money to watch more blood, guts, and gore in our entertainments.  Rational people might think there's something wrong with this picture.

There is no question that most of us long for peaceful, successful lives.  Sales of self-help books indicate that millions of us are searching furiously for cures for the dysfunctions that seem to dominate life at this moment in history.  We want balance and a sense of being centered and whole.

That said, how do we do that?  It's actually simpler and more easily accomplished than most of us could ever have imagined.  We have to go back and look at how we were parented and then use a systematic, therapeutic process for changing our early childhood programming.  It's easier than anyone has ever imagined because the Higher Power, whatever that means for you, will do most of the work.  Now that we can understand sophisticated navigational systems in ships and airplanes, we can apply that understanding to the magnificent navigational system that comes with every healthy human baby.  We can also understand how American children have been socialized to not utilize those parts of their navigational systems that give that deep sense of connection to the Creative Force that most call God or The Higher Power. 

We can now use our physical and intellectual senses to help us reconnect and utilize the spirit senses our society ordered us to shut down or disown. As we reconnect, we will experience life as the Creative Force intended.  We will intuitively know how to handle situations that used to baffle us.  We will walk with confidence in our ability to discern the next best thing to do, for ourselves and for others.  We will become happy, joyous and free.

Millions have done it and millions more are doing it.  So can we all.


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