by Linda Meyerholz, MS, LMHC

The struggle for power and control over others is what human existence has been all about.  Today, humanity's age-old struggle has come full circle.  Reportedly, God preferred Abel's gift, so Cain did what codependents are wont to do.  He killed the competition.  He killed his brother.  Today children are murdering children in our schools, homes, and streets.  Lovers kill lovers and parents are torturing and murdering family members in unprecedented numbers.  What makes us believe we have the right to kill or batter those who displease us?

As you read Codependency Sucks, you'll come to understand how the science/religion split of the sixteenth century put western civilization on a path of destruction that has brought us to the brink of disaster in the twentieth century.  Co-dependent relationships are the natural result of distorted teachings that have been handed down to us generation after generation.  But there is a solution.  It is within this book and it is within you.

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